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…where insurance works

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The Need for Income Protection
The most cherished asset of any living creature is life thus you must have a source of livelihood. This means, there must be consistent income and anyone will do anything to protect this income.

The Reality
Losing a job or getting laid off can happen without warning and it is unfortunate that this very common occurrence can affect anyone at any time. Not having a salary and having your bills pile up without hope of any income can be very devastating and can eventually lead to financial hardships, depression or even death.
Third Party (Self-Service)

Drivers are often required by their state to have adequate insurance coverage to ensure that damages resulting from an accident can be paid for. "Third-party" in the case of automotive insurance would be the driver of the other vehicle, since that person is not the first party (principal) in the insurance

There are basically two types of cover available under this insurance namely: Burglary Business Premises Burglary Private Dwelling These covers are however the same except for the types of contents that are held covered.

This is a complementary policy to Fire and it cannot be issued in isolation (i.e. without the corresponding Fire Policy) and that is why a clause known as Material Damage Warranty is printed on the business interruption Policy. It implies that a claim cannot hold on a business interruption policy unless and until liability has been admitted and paid under a similar fire policy.

Under this category, we have two types of policies that are issued: Marine cargo (whether by sea or air) Marine Hull

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“We need insurance and government needs to provide the necessary policy incentive to encourage insurance. Insurance is a social security; it is a social support to the economy; the long term investment fund that the government is crying for is in insurance sector. So, I am very passionate about insurance because that is the greatest thing that is missing in our economy.”

Austin Ebose – MD/CEO