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Anchor Byke

Product Definition

It is a coverage for motor cycle and keke NAPEP against third party liability and optional loss due to accident. Also, it has extra offer of personal accident.


Key Features of Anchor Byke

Policy duration: 1 Year

Fixed Premium: N5,000

Sum Insured:  N1,000,000

Payment Frequency: single payment

Instant SMS on payment notification

The cover is for Power Byke, Dispatch rider Byke and Keke

No accident no payment

Also, it covers medical expenses of insured wife and children if they are on the Byke or inside keke during the accident.


Key Benefits

  • Motorcycle damage due to accident up to N450,000 but not more than the current market value of motor cycles
  • Personal Accident Death of N300,000
  • Permanent Disability of N300,000
  • Medicals due to accident 0f N50,000


Target Market

  • Keke NAPEP Association
  • Micro Finance Bank
  • Power Bike Riders Association
  • Dealers of Keke and power Byke
  • Co-operative Societies
  • Members of staff of Corporate Organizations, SME

The new Anchor Insurance Company Limited sees her customers and clients as reason they are in business which makes customer satisfaction a priority in the company. The Anchor Insurance Company’s promise is “All stakeholders will surely enjoy a pleasant experience”.