…where insurance works

…where insurance works

Fire Securest

This cover provides funds to shop owners who are policy holders to mitigate the impacts in case of fire incidents affecting their shops.

Key Features

  • Policy duration: 1 Year
  • Payment Frequency: single payment
  • The cover is for property and assets in a shop
  • No incident no claim

This can also be done for individual members in a group

Premium Payment: This has four categories

N10,000 N50,000 N5,000 N2,500


Key Benefits

  • Contents in the shop
  • Sum insured Maximum N1,000,000,
  • This protects policy holders’ properties in their shops against insured perils
  • Payment to policy holders on property & asset loss in their shops


Categories of Benefits 

Cover maximum N1,000,000

Rent relief/Public Liability of N100,00

Medical Expenses of N20,000 due to fire injury

Cover N1,000,000

Rent Relief of N20,000 only

N500,000 N250,000

Target Market

  • Every shop owner with contents not more than N1,000,000
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Co-Operative Societies
  • Clubs, Traders Associations
  • Members of staff of Corporate Organizations, SMEs
  • MFBs
  • Churches, Mosques