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…where insurance works

Good 4 Life

Product Definition

This cover is to provide funds for replacement or repairs (but not improvements) due to damage to property, assets and household contents as a result of fire, domestic gas explosion, generator catching fire, flood, earthquake burglary or storm.

Key Features of the Good 4 Life

  • Policy duration: 1 Year
  • Maximum Sum Insured: N1,000,000
  • Payment Frequency: single payment
  • The cover is for property and assets
  • No incident no payment

This can be done for individual members in a group

Premium Payment: This has four categories

  • ELITE:                                                            -           N10,000
  • DYNAMIC:                                                     -           N5,000
  • BASIC:                                                           -           N2,500
  • POPULAR:                                                     -           N1,000


Key Benefits

  • Household contents like furniture, utensils, clothing etc. are covered.
  • Sum insured can be classified into 4 categories.

ELITE                                                                         -           N1,000,000

DYNAMIC                                                                 -           N500,000

BASIC                                                                        -           N50,000

POPULAR                                                                -           N100,000

  • This protects policy holders’ property against insured perils.
  • Payment to policy holders on property & asset loss.


Target Market

  • People living in an apartment with sum insured of not more than N1,000,000
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Co-operative Societies
  • Clubs, associations
  • Members of staff of corporate organizations earning below N500,000
  • SMEs
  • Churches, Mosques

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